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Com Samsung Android InCallUI : Incallui will be an unknown term to you all, but this is a facility you see every day on your smartphone. When you make a call from your smartphone, you will see a call screen there. You will see many options in that call screen, such as holding a call, muting a call, hanging up a call, or doing a conference call. The incall can also be known as in-call-interface. Information is passed to the android incallui center whenever you make a move. Sometimes there are changes in which some problems may occur in the processing of the Samsung device. Samsung is a very well-known smartphone company that provides fantastic features. 

Incallui is a built-in file that is used to monitor and keep a record of the activities that go through the device. If there is any problem, you will be searching for a way to delete the com Samsung android incallui or know more about the com Samsung android incallui.

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What We Use InCallUI:

  1. The main help the incall does is that it helps us attend the calls efficiently and make sure who made the call.
  2. The com Samsung android incallui helps you in various options, making you more intelligent and making your work easier.
  3. The other features are that it helps you change the volume level, it will help you record the call that you make, mute a ring that you are making, and quickly get access to a notepad from UI.
  4. The other feature that the phone offers is that the screen will lock automatically when you make a call and keep it on your face. In this way, no other processing will take place without your knowledge.
  5. Just imagine if Incallui was not available on your phone. All the processes will be in problem.
  6. Before building this file in smartphones, Samsung has performed multiple tests in the file. To make sure that the customers are pleased with the results.

How You Will Stop InCallUI: 

Removing the incall is a wrong decision made. The com Samsung android incallui provides us guidance in creating a call. Smartphones offer other features that make a call, which is a crucial aspect. So deleting or stopping this app is not recommended. But if you want to control the file due to some problems, you can stop it, but it will not be stopped for a long time.

  1. Now you can go to each app setting and go to the phone option.
  2. In that phone option, you will see a few options in that select the com Samsung android incallui.
  3. In that, you will see three dots in the corner. Here you will see a lot of apps. In that, select the show system apps.
  4. Now you should go to the system app option.
  5. Now delete the com Samsung android in callus from every app you see. 
  6. In this way, you can stop the involvement of com Samsung android incallui.
  7. But it will function for making calls and general operations. You can’t stop that.
  8. This file is inbuilt so that no one can delete it.
  9. You can reverse these processes to get the facilities back if you want. 

Or, when you open every app, the app will request you to access the phone in the app. If it is ok with you, can allow it. It will only take a second. All these functions will be in a record if you want to check again. It is not that easy to function without com Samsung android incallui.


This is beneficial information about com Samsung android incallui. The features that the com Samsung android incallui provides help us a lot. If these features are not available on our smartphones, it creates many problems. Imagine when you make a call, and you cannot record it since the incall is unavailable. It will be a disaster. So it is not recommended to remove the com Samsung android. I hope that the above information helped you in the way you expected.


Is this file only applicable for Samsung users?

  • Yes, this file can only be seen on Samsung smartphones, and there are other types of files in other branded phones as well.

What should we do if you want to enable the com Samsung android incallui in an app?

  • You can easily edit it by visiting the app settings, or you can reset everything by doing a factory reset.                                                                   

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