How To Check XOX Black Balance Check Using USSD/SMS/XOX APP

Xox Mobile is the mobile virtual network operator, and It provides mobile phone prepaid digital service in Malaysia. This Xox introduced its first prepaid sim card in January 2009, and it faced the Chinese community and launched a prepaid and postpaid in late 2010. It has 200 xox customers in Malaysia. In 2019 this xox mobile launched Malaysia's number one fully digitalized xox sim and embedded sim technology.

It launched ONE XOX Black in 2018. You are the xox sim card user, the ad you want to know about your balance checking process then you entered into the correct place, In this article, we explained various balance easily checking methods. To follow the below steps to check your xox sim mobile number balance detail,

  1. Via USSD code or shortcode.
  2. By sending a text message.
  3. Through calling.
  4. BY using the My XOX app.
  5. Through XOX Self care account or official website.

Method 1: 
Check Your Xox Sim Card Balance Detail Using Ussd Code :

This ussd code is one of the shortest and easiest methods compared to above all methods, and It does not require an internet connection in your mobile phone. But it required a good xox network tower range. This method is suitable for all types of mobile phones. That means you can use this ussd code in standard features cellular phones. To do this, follow the below steps,

  1. Open your mobile phone.
  2. Select the Dialer keypad.
  3. Type the USSD code *150# and press the call button.
  4. Immediately you receive the text message containing your main balance and data balance and its expiry date.

Method 2:
Inspect Your Xox Sim Number Balance Detail Via Sms:

This is another offline method, so this method also doesn't need an internet connection. And the important thing is the free cost method. You can do this process anywhere and anytime. To follow the instruction to get your balance detail of xox number,

  1. Open your mobile phone.
  2. Select the text message application.
  3. Type the message BAL and send to the number 22111.
  4. Instantly, you get the text message about your balance along with its expiry date.

Method 3:
Checking Your Xox Mobile Number Balance Information Through Calling:

one more offline method to get your balance detail of the xox mobile number. Open your mobile hand device, Choose the dialer application, and call 13322 from your xox mobile number. Immediately notify your xox sim mobile number's balance details with its expired date.

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Methode 4:
Inspect Your Xox Sim Card Balance Information Through Xox Black Mobile Application:

This xox mobile application is a time-consuming and most convenient method ro all xox network customers. it is an online method. It needs an internet connection to your mobile phone. So this method is only suitable for android smartphone devices or apple iphone devices. Here we give some instructions to downloading and installing process of the xox mobile app,

  1. Open your mobile phone.
  2. Choose the google play store for android smartphone user.
  3. Type the app name in the play store search bar.
  4. Download the xox black application; once downloading is completed, install this application
  5. After That, you need to log in to your account with your xox mobile number or your email id and password.
  6. Now you get the dashboard containing the complete balance information such as main balance and data balance and its expiry date, Voice minutes, text message balance, remaining voice minutes and more.
  7. This application has several features. This app is used to pay your due bill, track data on the go, share season pass, and much more.

Method 5:
Check Your Xox Sim Balance Detail Via Xox Self Care Account Or Xox Official Website:

It is another online method only for android mobile phone users. This xox self-care is your page which contains all information regarding your xox account.It gives the convenience and control to manage your xox mobile number account online. To examine your balance information to follow the below instruction,

  • Open your android mobile phone.
  • Select the google chrome or browser application.
  • Type xox self-care account in the browser search bar.
  •  Now click on the new user registration link
  •  Give your XOX mobile number or email id and its password.
  •  Now you get the verification code to your xox mobile number or your mail id.
  •  Type the code and verify and register your self-care account yourself.
  •  You may now access your self-care account to start managing your xox mobile number.
  •  Now, here you can get your balance information along with its validity date.

Final Words:

We have entered into the end of this post; the methods mentioned above are easy to use. All procedures are user friendly. So you can use this method anywhere and anytime. There is no need for any extra qualifications and technical skills. I hope this article helps all xox users. So the user will prefer to handle the methods at their convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is onexox and xox the same?

  • Xox mobile is the mobile virtual network operator that provides cell phone prepaid service in Malaysia, and this xox mobile launched onexox black in 2018.

How do I renew my xox sim card?

  • For a Six-month validity extension, Type VALID space six and send it to the number 23388 or 22111
  • For a 12-month validity extension, Type VALID space 12 and send this to the number 23388 or 22111

Can prepaid use esim?

  • Sim is available for All digital postpaid sim, digital prepaid sim and digital broadband customers.

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