How To Transfer Vi To Vi Balance Transfer/Ussd Code | 2023

Vodafone Idea Balance Transfer Ussd Code : If you are a Vodafone idea network customer, you have a low balance or no Talktime balance, and you need to make an urgent call, but you cannot do it due to insufficient balance. This Vodafone idea telecommunication service offers a balance transfer service from one Vi number to another VI number in this critical situation. By using this Vi money transfer service, you ask your vi friends or family members to transfer its balance to your Vi number.

Vi user can also transfer their data balance to another vi prepaid number. You call the vi balance transfer USSD code number to share your main Talktime balance and data balance with other Vodafone idea 2G,3G,4G sim card users.

In this proposal, we explain how to transfer Talktime balance and data balance from one vi number to another vi prepaid number in seconds. So you can easily transfer your main balance and your data balance to your vi family members or friends.

About Vi Telecommunication Service:

Vi or Vodafone idea limited is the largest telecommunication service in India. Its head office is in Mumbai and Gandhi Nagar. It is a pan India integrated GSM operator offering 2G,3G,4G,4G+, VoLTE and VoWiFi services. This Vodafone idea telecom has 269.03 million subscribers. It is the third biggest mobile telecommunication service in India and the tenth-largest telecom service provider globally.

This Vi provides wifi hotspot services in major cities like Mumbai, Pune and Banglore with over 200 locations. It is available for all Vi telecom customers.

What Is A Vi Balance Transfer Code:

Vi telecommunication service provider launches balance transfer service to overcome the problem faced by a vi person who does not have the required balance. All the vi users can transfer your main balance and data balance between Vi network users through ussd code (unstructured supplementary service data). And this USSD code starts with Star * and ends with hash # symbols. The Vi user must dial that USSD code to share your Talktime balance and data balance from their vi sim to another vi customer.

Vi Talktime Balance Transferd USSD Code Number:

Vi balance transfer detail:                                             

Talk time transfer USSD code-*111*3*5#  or *191#
Vi minimum transfer amount -Rs.5
Vi maximum transfer amount  -Rs.30


How To Transfer Vi Talktime Balance From Your Vi Number To Another Vi Number Through Ussd Code Number:

  1. Open your mobile phone.
  2. Select the dialer application.
  3. Type the ussd code *111*3*5# then press the call button.
  4. You get prepaid low balance services pop up box on the screen of your mobile phone.
  5. Replay with the number 1 option to balance transfer
  6. Now choose the transfer amount value that you wants to share and replay with the number associated with that amount.
  7. Then give the receiver's vi number where the balance will be transferred.
  8. Confirm your balance transfer.
  9. Completed. Now the balance will be immediately transferred to the requested Vodafone idea number.

There is also a processing charge that will be taken for transferring the balance.

Method 2: Transfer Talktime Balance:

Open your mobile phone
Select dialer application
Type the number *131* <transfer amount> <vi mobile number) # 
Then press the call button
Now Vi balance transfer is done successfully.

Method 3 : Vi Balance Transfer Code:

The Vodafone idea does not support a data balance transfer service, and we will provide this post as soon as there is an availability of Vi 4G internet balance transfer code.

Open your mobile phone.
Choose dialer application
Type the number *151*< your Vi mobile number> <transfer amount>
Now immediately your money has been transferring successfully

Incoming Releted:

Method:4: Balance Transfer Through SMS:

Open your mobile phone.
Select the message application.
Type the message GIVE < your mobile number> send it to the number 55567.
In this <mobile number > will be the number of receiver's.

DO Vi Charge For Balance Transfer:

Yes, Vi telecom service provider charges for vi balance transfer. Also, I have some terms and conditions, which is given below,

  1. You can only send to local Vodafone idea number.
  2. The amounts you can transfer between 5 to 30 rupees only.
  3. Vodafone idea charge Rs.1,2 and 3 as per transfer amount.
  4. You have to be a VI customer for a minimum of 5 months to transfer the balance
  5. Transfer limit is Rs.5 to 30 service charge,Rs.1 for Rs 5 to 9 ,Rs 2 for Rs.10 to 24 and Rs.3 for Rs.25 to 30 transfer.
  6. This balance transfer service can be availed 5 times per day.


Now we stand at the end of this proposal, here we explain a different way to Vi balance transfer process. I hope this post helps all Vi users, the Vodafone idea will officially announce its vi to vi balance transfer service, and when it happens, we will update the required important information here.


What is the Vi balance code?

  1. you can get your balance detail in several ways
  2. you can download the Vi application and view your balance information
  3. Also, you can use USSD code *199# and choose the relevant options to recharge and check your balance details

How do I find my own Vi number?

  1. You download and open the vi application on your mobile phone and open the dialer.
  2. Type 199# on your vi sim card for which you want to know the mobile number
  3. You will see the flash message that read MSDN:(your mobile number)

How do I activate my Vi number?

  • Send SMS SIMEX <19-20 digit sim card number to 5199
  • Now you get an SMS from 55199 with the last 6 digits of your sim card number missing
  • Send that 6 digits back to 5199 within two hours of receiving
  • Your new Vi sim card will be activated within 20 minutes.

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