What Is Com google android package installer (How to Fix It)

Com google android package installer: The other name of com google android package installer is android package installer. We call it APK. APK is a service that Google provides us with. APK has two functions. You can use it for both. They are used as a monolithic APK, and they can also be used as split APK mainly used in apps. APK helps us to download the apps into small packages. So it is known as package installer too.

This file is already installed on your phone when you buy them. Uninstalling this file is not possible. This app helps you manage details related to other apps on your device. This package installer will ask you permission for each processing related to apps in your device.

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What are the differences between installer and manager:

Package installer can be explained as the program that helps install the apps on our device and assist in the functioning of the apps. It also helps the apps to keep them updated constantly. All the updating that takes place in an app will be updated automatically. It depends on the setting that you have made. When you hear the term package installer, we think that the package manager and package installer have the same properties. But it’s not right package manager plays a role after installing the app. It focuses on features such as

  • Location.
  • Shipping.
  • Maintenance.
  • Development.
  • Location.

The package manager deals with the location in which each application is situated. The apps are located in the central database. It is considered a file in the operating system, and this can be a file even in an app. 


When it comes to shipping, the package installer is usually shipped with all the computer programs. It is done to perform programs on your device to make the apps run better. But the package manager comes with the operating system. This is the critical aspect of running an app on your device.


The maintenance processing in the package installer is not that big of a deal. Most of the maintenance is done before the shipping. But when it comes to package managers, it is essential to keep regular maintenance of the operating system.


When it comes to developing the package, development is developed by many installer developers. But in the case of the package manager, it has only one vendor.

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Storage of Com Googles Android Package Installer Or APK Files:

The APK files are built-in files already developed and stored on your device. You do not need to install this file or move this file. As per reports, the APK file is already stored in the internal memory. It will not take any extra space in your device, and it is a small file.

As a camera, browser, calendar, calculator, APK files are also built. Some reports suggest that the APK files are saved in the system apps option. Another piece is told that it is stored with data apps. This will change based on the model of the device that you are using.

How To Stop This Com Google Android Package Installer From Working:

It is not possible to uninstall this file. This file is inbuilt and can’t be removed from the device. The device manufacturers have installed this file. And removing this file is not recommended also. By removing this file, there are chances that the apps will not function properly. All the settings and backups are based on this file. 

The updating will also be stopped if you stop this file from working. If you want, you can quickly stop it by visiting the internal settings and force-stopping the file. If that is not possible, do a factory reset to remove the error. But it is a fact that you can’t remove com google android package installer from android.


This is about the com google android package installer. It is an interesting file on our device. We all use smartphones, but we won’t show any interest in knowing the backstories. But by knowing this, it will be straightforward for you to know the problems in your device quickly and solve them. I hope that the above content helped you the way that you expected.


Is it possible to allocate functions to the com google android package installer?

  • No, it is not possible to edit the file. It is an inbuilt file, so only the installers can change the file.

How can we solve a problem if the com google android package installer is not working?

  • It is an important thing to know. If the com google android package installer is not working, the best way is to check the errors and then do a factory reset. It will remove the bugs and make the file clean.

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