How Activate Airtel International Roaming Pack New Update 2023

Airtel International Roaming Plans: This article will show whether "Airtel International Roaming Plans" is possible and how it is done quickly. Continue reading this blog and follow the given steps below to know the required procedure.

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About Airtel International Roaming Plans :

When you get Airtel International Roaming Plans, it helps you in the following cases.

  • You can use your net pack when you are abroad, and it's user-friendly
  • If you are a Postpaid member, then you can pay for the packs rental only if you are using your mobile abroad
  • You will be offered a lot of benefits and daily coupons.
  • You need not worry about excessive bill charges.

Activate Airtel International Roaming Pack And Unlimited Calls & Data Plans Details:

Step 1: To begin with, visit the following website:
Step 2: Here, you need to select the country you are visiting, enter your 10-digit mobile number and choose your international roaming pack.

Step 3: 
As soon as you enter the necessary details, you will be shown the data pack that you can activate easily.
Step 4: You can also view the covered countries, and you can choose the necessary pack where you want your data pack to get activated.
Step 5: You will then be taken to the payment page once you tap on the activate icon.
Step 6: Here, you can pay using any net banking method and successfully get your pack and then tap to continue to pay.
Step 7: Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation screen saying Thank you and that your recharge has been booming along with your Payment Summary.

How To Activate Roaming Service in airtel (on One Plus phones):

Step 1: Firstly, you need to contact your Network Provider to ensure that you have subscribed to the international data roaming service.
Step 2: Next, you need to go to the Settings icon, tap on Wi-Fi and the internet, and then tap on Sim and network.
Step 3: Then, enable your mobile data and choose your proffered network type 2G/3G/4G on Sim 1/2. 
Step 4: Next, finally enable the roaming icon.

Note: If you're facing any issues regarding the mobile data abroad, try turning on the "Airplane mode" for about 30 seconds and then turning it off or restarting your phone.

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How do I activate international roaming on Airtel thanks app:

Step 1: Firstly, download and install the Airtel Thanks app from Google Play Store.
Step 2: Next, you need to complete the login procedures and sign in/on the Airtel home page.
Step 3: Once you have completed that, you will be taken to the Airtel Thanks App home page.
Step 4: Here, you will be given a list of options; find the option that says Roam Abroad and then tap on it to enable it.
Step 5: You will be asked to turn on your location. If asked, do turn it on from the notification bar or the settings icon of your device.
Step 6: Next, Finally, choose your destination, and your necessary net pack is available on the screen

How do I activate international roaming on Airtel Customer Care: 

Step1: To begin with, Go and visit the Airtel Thanks app.
Step2: Then, Complete the Login credentials, and you will be taken to the home screen of the Airtel Tanks App.
Step3: Go to the Q AND A section of the customer care box.
Step4: Type out your queries and suggestions regarding the same.
Step5: The respected person will contact you, and by this, you can get a solution and sort out your issue.


I hope the posted airtel was pretty much helpful to the readers, and I also hope that now you know about Airtel International Roaming Plans and the necessary steps taken for it.

Some FAQs Regarding :

Airtel International Roaming Plans:

  • Yes! It is possible for Airtel International Roaming Plans on your phone, and you can do that by following the possible ways given to you on this blog, and you will figure out a solution to tackle your query.

How can you get Airtel International Roaming Plans?

  • To learn more and explore the same and other related information, read and follow the mentioned steps in the above-posted article and proceed with it accordingly without any more confusion.

Is it safe to get Airtel International Roaming Plans?

  • Yes! It is safe to follow the mentioned steps from the article to make your step process even more accessible.

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