Airtel 4g Data Plans For 1 Day (New Pack Price,Offers) 2024

Airtel 4G Data Plans for one Day : In this article, you will know whether “Airtel 4G Data Plans for 1 Day” is possible and how it is done quickly.Continue reading this blog and follow the given steps below to know the required procedure.

About Airtel 4G Data Plans :

Airtel Thanks app also offers a free 1GB of data for its new customers. You can use free GB to enjoy watching your favorite videos online. All legal method is mentioned to you below.

Airtel 4g Data Plans For 1 Day Pack Price:

Upgrade Offer Call on 51111 Airtel (Method-1): 

Step 1: Firstly, you need to check whether your device supports a 4G network.
Step 2: Check your sim card to see whether you can enable the 4G network. (You need to be upgraded to a 4G network)
Step 3: This method is legal, and by performing the following form, your balance won’t be deducted.
Step 4: Next, from your mobile phone, call the given number: 52122.
Step 5: Once you call that number, your call will disconnect after 3 minutes.
Step 6: After the call gets disconnected, you will receive a message on your phone saying that you have received 1GB of 4G Data that has been credited.
Step 7: Now, to further check your balance go to your phone call log
Step 8: Type the following set: *121*2# to check your data balance.

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Note that:

  • This method will not work with any 3G handset or 3G SIM Card.
  • You can upgrade to airtel 4G free of cost by visiting any airtel showroom.
  • Customer care: 198 or 121 or 9894198941.

Airtel Thanks App (Method-2): 

Step 1: Firstly, you need to download and install the Airtel Thanks App from Google Play Store.
Step 2: Next, you need to complete the login procedures and sign in/sign up on your Airtel page.
Step 3:  Once you complete the initial login procedures, you will now see the home screen of the Airtel Thanks App.
Step 4: Then, after 3-4 hours, you will receive a message saying the following
Congrats.You’ve unlocked 2GB of Data (Validity 7 Dyas) on registering on the Airtel TV app for the first time.
Step 5: After then, go back to the Airtel home page and click on the box that has Data Left, Validity, and Balance.
Step 6: Next, you will be taken to another screen that lists several options once connected.
Step 7: From the list of items, choose the Data Balance option.
Step 8: Once clicked, you will be again taken to another page that will display the Data Balance.
Step 9: Here, you need to refresh the page; you can see your data and get the address to your account.
Step 10: By this simple method, you can easily own 2GB of 4GB of data.

Quickly Redeem 1GB of Free Net Balance (Method-3): 

Step1: Firstly, open the Airtel Thanks App.
Step2: Next, complete the login details.
Step3: Once you’re on the home page, tap on the coupon option.
Step4: Here, you can quickly redeem 1GB of free net balance if you have luck.

QANDA Section (Method-4): 

Step1: Visit the Airtel Thanks app
Step2: Go to the QANDA section, the customer care box.
Step3: Type out your suggestions and queries.
Step4: The respected person will contact you, and you can find your solution in this way.


I hope the above-posted airtel was pretty helpful and helps you know the necessary steps that need to be taken for Airtel 4G Data Plans for 1 Day.

Some FAQs regarding:

Airtel 4G Data Plans for 1 Day:

  • Yes! It is possible for Airtel 4G Data Plans for I Day on your phone, and you can do that by following the possible ways given to you on this blog, and you will figure out a solution to tackle your query.

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