How do I change the APN for Google Pixels (5/3/XL) Set up Internet

Google pixel APN settings : Many android phones influence most people with their presentation and software. Now people are more aware of the information about each smartphone. A few years back, users had no idea about the processing of smartphones, so they enquired about the details with the shopkeeper. Now it has changed a lot. When people plan to buy a smartphone, they check all the available information about the device. After getting the review, they will decide to buy a smartphone.

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About Google pixel :

Google Pixel was the best smartphone most people bought last year. This was due to the best software updates that Google has introduced. Here let us see how Google pixel APN settings are done. Google Pixel is identified for its better processor. All the functions in a Google pixel device are based on well-planned software. The best advantage of the Google Pixel is that it is worth the amount you pay to get the phone.

APN settings in Google pixel are quite easy. In some phones, the APN settings will take time. APN is the connection centre for all smartphones with the internet. Practically we cannot even think about using a smartphone without the internet. So let us see how this setup is done.

How do I change the APN for Google pixels:

As the first step, you should find out the access point name option. This option will be available on the top slide. Use your two fingers to slide the options downward from the top.

In that, you should click on the settings icon
Now you will see many options.
you should click on the network and internet option.
Now, you should click on the mobile network option from the network and internet option.
Now you should click on the advanced option.
In that, click on the access point name option.
In that, you should create a new data connection option. 
In that, then click the menu icon.
Now you should click on the new APN option. 
Now enter the name of the connection in the options enter name.
After entering the name, you should enter the APN correctly.
Now you should enter the country code correctly. 
This should be entered under the option MCC
Now you should enter the network code
This should be entered under the option MNC.
Now you should Select the automatic type
Click on the automatic type option.
Now you should enter the APN type that clicking on the APN type option.
Now you should save the data connection. 
For that, you should select the option in the menu icon.

Now click the save option. The APN is completed. Now you can experience an internet connection without any problem on your Google Pixel phone.

How can we update carrier settings in Google pixel:

Updating the carrier settings is done by using a Wi-Fi call or the 5g option in Google pixel. This can be done easily. You should first click on

  • Settings
  • Network and internet
  • Internet
  • Enter the carrier name
  • Then click ok and save the name.


This is how the APN setting is done in a Google pixel computer. It is quite easy. Google Pixel keeps its entire settings user-friendly so that anyone can be a user. Some smartphones require a lot of mastering and all. It won't be easy to set up APN on phones like that. Follow all the steps given above correctly. If any error occurs, then try one more time. I hope that you got all the information that you were looking for.


What do you mean by an APN pixel?

  • These are the APN settings for pixel 6. APN is the connection centre for the internet with devices so that each device will have an automatic connection; however, these automatic connections can be wrong.

Why do we need to set the APN?

  • When we look, it is said that the manufacturers automatically set the APN. Nevertheless, there are chances that this setup can be an error. Therefore, we recheck it and then upload the correct APN details. If we do this, then you can experience a better internet connection.

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