OnePlus (7T/9/6 Nord) APN Settings 4g lte New Update

One Plus APN settings : Most people prefer to buy a smartphone to experience smooth processing. Unfortunately, some smartphones do not precede that. Now a day, we use smartphones a lot. We use them to get data, save the information and much more. When you save information up to the limit that the Smartphone companies provide, it will be very difficult for you to use your device. It may be stuck. Some details may get lost, and it will take a lot of time to find something. This is where we prefer one plus over any other smartphone.

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About One Plus :

One plus is considered one of the most preferred phones you can buy. The price is quite moderate, but the phone's performance is amazing. The space that the phone provides is huge. In some phones, you will see that even tho you have extra space in your memory, it will notify you as space is full. Nevertheless, when it comes to one plus, this process is really easy.

Not only features but also smooth internet is access also required for an amazing phone. In one plus, you should set up the APN settings to experience better internet. So let us see how this process is done.

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How To Change the Apn Settings On Oneplus 7T/9/6 Nord:

  • First of all, you should make sure to insert your SIM card. If the SIM card is not inserted properly, then there are chances that you may face an error in your internet connection.
  • Now open your one plus device. There you may see many applications that you use on a daily bases. Now from all of that, you should click on and select the settings option.
  • The settings option is the place where we can find all the settings of the entire functions that take place on your smartphones.
  • Now in the settings, select the SIM and network option. This is where you can find information about your SIM card and internet access.

 Apn Settings On Oneplus 7T/9/6 Nord :

  1. In that, you will see two options that are sim1 and SIM 2. 
  2. From that, you should click on the SIM you need to access the internet.
  3. Now you should select the option called the access point name or APN.
  4. Now on the side corner, you will see an option called the menu button. 
  5. Now click on that menu button.
  6. Now in that, you should click on the select the reset to default option. 
  7. Now you should select your new APN.
  8. In that, you should enter all the details that you need to enter. 
  9. The names will be available there.
  10. After entering all the details, you should click the save button. 
  11. Now the new APN will be set up.
  12. If you want, you can add more APNs as you want.

Why is the mobile data not working on the one plus mobile:

This may cause due to not recharging your balance. Then it may cause due to not properly inserting the SIM card. Then it may cause due to error in the APN settings. Many users take their devices to service centres, but you can fix this problem yourself.


This is how the APN setting is done in one plus. One plus is a smartphone that most common people can afford. The quality the brand provides is impressive. When a survey was conducted on smartphones, most people preferred one plus over other phones. Most people are attracted due to their appearance and camera quality. Just follow all the steps given below carefully. Hop the above content helped you in the way that you want.


Why do people buy one plus phones when compared to other phones?

  • This statement is true in a way. Many other smartphones perform exactly as one plus, and other phones perform better than one plus. Nevertheless, people prefer one plus because there are providing the best at a low price. In addition, the camera quality of one plus is nice.

Why do we set up APN repeatedly when it is already done?

  • This is an interesting question when you buy a phone, and the manufacturers will already set up the APN. Nevertheless, it is changed because of the updations of the phone change. At that point, you need to update the APN to experience a good internet facility.

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