My Android Phone Mic Is Not Working - How To Fix (Easy)

Microphone Settings Of Android Mobile Phone: In This Proposal, We Clearly Explained About Android Smartphone's Microphone Settings. This Article Helps All Android Mobile Phone Users. In This Section, We Told About Android Phones Mic Problems, Causes Of That Problem And Its Solution.

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About Android Microphone:

Microphone Is A Device. This Microphone Is A Transducer Which Converts Sound Signal Into Electrical Signal. They have Used This Microphone In Android Smartphone And computers, Recording Your Voice, Speech Recognition, And the Non-Acoustic Process. Many Android Mobile Phone's Microphones Are Placed Bottom Of The Phone Which Is Nearer To Headset Hole. If You Want To Use The Microphone In Your Mobile Phone, Turn Your Handset Into The Direction Of The Person Speaking.

Why is Microphone Not Working On Android Mobile Phone:

When Your Phone Call Is Not Clear In Other Person, You Must Check It Up To A Wrong Connection, Instead Maybe Affected Microphone On Your Device. Your Microphone Can Become Deform For Various Reason, One Of The Main Reason Is Dirty Phone If You Are Not Clear Your Android Phone Regularly Definitely Your Android Microphone Get Damage. Your Mic Also Damaged Due To,

  1. Mobile Network Problem.
  2. Microphone Obstruction.
  3. Third-Party Application Installation.
  4. Software Updates.
  5. Internal Malfunction Or Hardware Damage.

How To Find Your Android Mobile Phone's Mic Is Faulty:

Record Your Voice: 

Record Your Voice In Your Smartphone And Listen To The Recording; if You Get A Clear Voice, The Mic Is In Good Condition, Or If Your Voice Is Distorted, Your Microphone Is In Fault Condition. Many Android Mobile Have Inbuilt Voice Recording Option; if You Don't Have This Option Just Download Voice Recorder Application.

System Diagnostics Check:

System Diagnostic App Is Called Phone Doctor Application Used To Test Your Microphone And Give The Result Of Your Mic's Condition.

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How To Fix Microphone Not Working ON Android (6 Ways):

1.Reset Your Handset Device: 

Using Some Third-Party Application On Your Android Mobile Phone And Using Microphone, It Can Damage Your Mobile Phone's Mic Damage. Restarting Is Good Solution To Problem You Are Having With Microphone. Go To Your Mobile Device Setting>System>Reset Option>Erase All Data.

2.Restart Your Android Mobile Phone: 

When You Recognize Your Microphone Is In Problem, You Restart Your Handheld Device. I Can Have A Minor Problem So Restarting Your Device Can Help Overcome The Microphone's Problem.

3.Check Sound Setting: 

Your Mobile Phone Volume In Mute, The Your 4So Go To the Sound Setting Of Your Android Device And Check Call Volume Or Media Volume Is Low Or Mute Hen Increase The Volume Of Your Mobile Phone Device. Go To Your Mobile Phone Device Settings, Select The Call Setting Or Sound Setting, Disable The Noise Reduction Option, Finally Restart The Android Mobile Phone.

4.Clean The Microphone:

Dirt Particles Can Easily Affect The Microphone On Your Handset Device. First Clean The Device By Following Steps, Check Dirt Is Present Or Not, Then Clear The Dirt By Using A Sim Injected Pin, Or You Can Blow Into The Microphone Holes To Remove Them From Your Mouth.

5.Check The Third-Party Interference: 

This Third-Party Application Is The Biggest Problem For Your Android Handset Device's Microphone. To Find If Your Mic Is Affected Due To A Third Party Application Or Not You Should Run Your Mobile Phone In Safe Mode, And Disable The Third-Party Application Temporarily.

6.How To Activate Safe Mode On Your Android Smartphone:

Hold And Long Press The Power Button, Touch And Hold The Power Off, Then You See Safe Mode At The Bottom Of Your Screen. Select The Reboot Into Safe Mode.

7.Find A Mobile Repair Center: 

If The Above Method Does Not Help you Recover Your Android Smartphone's Microphone Problem, Then You Need To Bring Your Mobile To The Mobile Repair Center To Get It Repaired.

External Microphone

Most Android smartphones have built-in microphones, But This Mic Does Not Have Good Quality, So External Microphones Are Available In The World Mobile Market.

  1. Shure Mv5
  2. Rode Smartlav+
  3. Rode Videomic Me
  4. Blue Microphones Raspberry Premium

These Are The High-Quality External Microphone Recommended For Android Smartphones.

Final Words:

There Are Many Reasons For Android Mobile Phone's Mic May Not Work Properly If You Have Mic Problems The Above Methods Helps To Identify And Overcome These Problems. So, Friends, You Are The Android Mobile Phone User This Article Helps To Know About The Details Of Your Mobile Phone's Microphone. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Find My Microphone Settings?

  • Check Your Microphone Is Connected To Your Personal Computer
  • Start>>Settings>>System>>Sound
  • In This Sound Setting, Go To Input And Select Your Input Device List, Select Mic Or Recording Device Which One You Want.

How Do I Turn My Microphone On?

  • Go To Settings 
  • Click The Site Setting
  • Tap Microphone Option And Enable Your Microphone.

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