How To Check Balance In Bell SIM Card (MyBell App)

Check Balance In Bell SIM Card : Bell telecommunication is one of the largest Canadian telecommunication service providers. The head office of this bell telecom service company is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His bell company is the most important and powerful; in 1975, this was the fifth biggest telecom company. This company is named after the inventor of the telephone, alexander graham bell, which was also co-founder of the Bell telephone company in Boston. Bell telecom industry provides voice calls, text messages, internet data services in Montreal, Quebec, and Northwest territories. So the bell is the best and quickest network in Canada. 

You are the bell sim card user; if you want to know about their balance information and how to access it, you came into the right place. In this proposal, we described the various balance checking process thoroughly. The methods are given below,

  1. Via USSD code or shortcode.
  2. Through My Bell mobile app.
  3. Using My bell official website/portal.

Method 1:

Check The Balance Detail Of Bel Sim Card Via Ussd Code Or Short Code:

USSD code stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. This ussd code is also called a shortcode or star code. This is the fastest and simplest method compared to above all other methods. And it is an offline method, so to do this process does not need an internet connection but requires a proper bell network. This method is suitable for normal features of mobile phones. The following ussd codes of the bell network will help you to check and manage your bell sim account better,

  • Open your mobile phone
  • Select the dialer application
  • Type the ussd code *98 and press the call button. This ussd code is used to access setup and your text message
  • *94 this ussd code is used to change the number of rings
  • *90 This ussd code helps to receive a text message when your line is busy
  • *92 this ussd code is used to receive a message when you don't answer the call
  • *66 This ussd code is used to monitor a busy line and inform you when the line is no longer busy.
  • *02 This code is permanently off and on the busy call returns service.

Methode 2: 

Inspect Your Balance Information Through My Bell Mobile Application:

This is another easy and convenient method for all bell network users. It is an online method requiring an internet connection to your mobile phone. The method is suitable only for android mobile phone users and apple iphone users. And this method is time-consuming. To follow the below steps to check your balance detail via the My bell mobile application,

  • Open your android mobile phone or apple iphone device.
  • Select the google chrome for android smart device users and apple app store for apple iphone user
  • Type My bell app in the search bar, and download this application.
  • After downloading this my bel application then launches the app on your mobile phone.
  • Now log in to your my bell application with your bell mobile number or your email id and password.
  • After signing in your account now, you get the dashboard of the home screen to know your whole balance information with its expiry date

It includes your bell mobile number's main balance and its validity date; Data usage and data balance along with its expiry date, voice minutes, text message balance, and remaining minutes will appear in detail.

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Methode 3:

Inspect Your Balance Detail Through My Bel Official Website:

another online method; those who don't want to install my bell app on their android or apple iphone device can use this my official bell website. You can cause his website anywhere and anytime. It is an easy and comfortable method to manage your bell sim account. Here we give some instruction about how to use this my bell website to check your bell sim mobile number balance,

  • Open your android mobile phone device or apple iphone device.
  • Select the browser option or google chrome option.
  • Type the website link in the search bar and press the enter button
  • On the homepage, you will be asked to sign in by using your bell sim number or your email id and its password
  • After that dashboard will appear to display your bell mobile number account balance and its expiry date.

Using this my bell official website, you can do many more things such as view your plan details, recharge your main balance and data balance, and pay the due bill amount.

Inspect The Bill Amount In Bell Postpaid Sim Card :

If you are the bell postpaid sim card user, follow the below methods to find your bill amount. This method is used to get your monthly usage very easily. the methods are mentioned below,

  1. My bell mobile app.
  2. My official bell website.

Using My Bell App:

  1. Open your android mobile or ios.
  2. Select the google play store for android smart device users and apple app store for ios user.
  3. type the app name and press the ok button.
  4. After downloading is completed, install the downloaded app
  5. Now open this my bell application, complete the registration process.
  6. Next on the dashboard, hit the usage button.
  7. The amount of usage data will have appeared more detail tab detail option.
  8. Next, you get the summary and detail of the past and present usage.

Using My Bell Official Website :

  1. open your android mobile device or apple iphone device.
  2. Choose browser or google chrome option. 
  3. Now visit the official bell website.
  4. Sign in your my bell website account.
  5. After login your account tab the My service option and hit it I more than one connection.
  6. Now get the summary and details of your current and past bell postpaid mobile numbers usage.


We entered into the end of this post, and bell is the largest telecom company in Canada. If you are a bell network user, you can easily check your balance detail by using the above methods. The above al methods are easy to use. These methods are the most convenient method for all bell network users. There is no need for additional skills or technical knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find my account number for bell prepaid?

  • You can get your bell mobile number in the top right corner of the first page of every bill.

How do I top up my bell account?

You can top up your bell account using the My bell application. To do this, follow the below steps,

  • Download and install my bel application
  • Hit the top-up option
  • Select the credit card 
  • Now select the top-up amount and complete the transaction.

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