How To Check China Unicom Sim Card Balance Detail ("2023")

Check China Unicom Sim Card Balance Detail : China united network communication group co. ltd is also called China Unicom. Which is a Chinese state-owned telecommunication operator in china. China Unicom is the world's sixth-biggest mobile network service provider by Unicom user-based.

It started as a wireless communication paging ad GSM mobile phone operator, but it provides a different range of services like mobile network, long-distance, internet service, and IP telephony. China Unicom has operated a CDMA network in Macau in 2006 and internet service in North Korea in 2010. It had 125 million GSM users 43 million CDMA users in 2008.

You are a china Unicom sim network user, and then this article helps to find your balance detail of the china Unicom sim card. Below methods, can do the balance checking process of the china Unicom network

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 3 Methods To Check China Unicom Sim Card Balance Detail :

  1. Through SMS
  2. Through Call
  3. By using the China Unicom website

Method 1:

Check Your China Unicom Balance Detail Through Sms: 

Is it one of the most straightforward methods compared to all the above methods? It is the offline method, making no required internet connection, but it needs only the required Unicom network tower range. This method is suitable for all types of mobile phones. The below steps will explain how to do this,

  1. Open your mobile phone.
  2. Select the text message application.
  3. Type text 101 sent to the number 10010.
  4. Then suddenly you receive the text message containing the principal balance and validity date of your china Unicom sim number.
  5. And type 2082 send to the number 10010. 
  6. Now, the receiving text message gives the information about your china Unicom data balance and its expired date.

Check Your Balance Information Using China Unicom Official Operator Number

  1. open your mobile phone 
  2. Select the text message application
  3. Type YE and send it to the number 10086
  4. Now you receive a text message including your china Unicom available balance and validity date.
  5. And type YE and send it to the number 10010.this text message detailing the remaining balance of the china Unicom sim card.

Methode 2: 

Check Your China Unicom Balance Detail Via Customer Care:

It is one of the most straightforward methods. You get all the information about your china Unicom sim network in a single phone call.

  • Open your android mobile device or apple iphone device.
  • Select the dialer application of your mobile phone.
  • Type the china Unicom customer care number 10010 and press the call button.
  • The china Unicom network representative will contact you and provide the complete details like enquire, consultation, technical support, complaints and suggestions, service ordering and booking, and much more.

Method 3:

Inspect Your Balance Detail Of China Unicom Sim Card Using China Unicom Official Website:

You need to know your china Unicom balance detail online, and then you need to visit the china Unicom official website or portal. The online method requires an internet connection, but it doesn't take much internet data. Also, his approach is only suitable for android smartphone users or apple iphone device users. The steps to follow how to do this,

  • Install the china Unicom sim card in your mobile phone.
  • The switch on your mobile handset device.
  • Open your android mobile or apple iphone device.
  • Select the browser or google chrome option.
  • Enter the china Unicom official website.
  • Open this website and log in to your account with your mail id and password. Here you can reset your password every time.
  • Enter your china Unicom mobile number, now you get the OTP for verification purposes.
  • Enter this OTP now the password is set up, Now you can sign in to your account online.
  • China Unicom portal log-in spot is on the top left side. Click that icon; now it entered into the account log in page.
  • Now enter your Unicom mobile number.
  • Finally, you get the account balance with monthly spending and monthly charge.

Final Words :

Now we joined the end of this proposal, and all the methods are included in this post to check your china Unicom sim card balance details and its validity date. The user will prefer to handle the forms at their convenience and comfort. These methods are easy to use and fastest ways. And this method is user-friendly; there is no need for any technical knowledge and particular additional skill to do this process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best sim card to use in China?

  • China Unicom
  • China telecom Big bay area sim card for hong kong.Macau and mainland china
  • Smartone travel data sim card for china Unicom network in hong kong

How can I find my china mobile number?

  • Call the china Unicom official operator number 10086, the customer care representative will tell you your mobile number.

Is there WIFI in china?

  • Yes, the internet connection is always available all over China, but not all internet is available. Some sites are blocked, like Facebook. I need a VPN to access this facebook. Wifi connection is standard you can use to connect them often in the same way as in the west.

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