How To Check DU Balance Check Code (USSD/SMS/DU-APP)

Introduction About Du Telecommunication Service Provider: The emirates integrated telecommunication company, commercially renamed Du, rebranded in February 2007. This Du telecommunication service provider is one of the two leading telecom operators in the United Arab emirates. It offers fixed-line, mobile telephony, internet, and digital television service across the United Arab emirates.

Du has been operating in UAE for quite a while now successfully made its place in one of the best reliable and super-fast networks in UAE. This Du telecom has around 25 million subscribers, and it is Dubai's most extensive data network. A network this big assures that its user is getting excellent service. You are the Du customer, then read this post to check your balance detail of Du postpaid sim in different methods. This proposal spells out various ways to find the balance information without restrictions.

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4 Methods To Check DU Balance :

  1. Via USSD code.
  2. Through sending SMS.
  3. Through My Du application.
  4. Through My du self-care official website.

Method 1:

To Inspect Your Du Postpaid Sim Balance Through Ussd Code:

USSD code stands for unstructured supplementary service data; this ussd code is also called shortcode, quick code, or star code. Is it one of the easiest methods compared to all other methods? It is a fast and convenient method for all du network users. To do this, follow the below steps,

Step-1: Open your mobile phone.
Step-2: Select the Dialer application.
Step-3: Type the USSD code *135# and click the call button.
Step-4: Now automatically pop up message will display on your mobile phone's screen it contains your 
Step-5: du sim card principal balance and its validity and data balance and its expired date

However, Du automatically sends the notification message to their mobile by 70,80% and 100% of their internet data usage.

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Method 2:

To Inspect Your Balance Detail Of Du Sim By Sending Sms: 

Using a postpaid sim card, you can easily track your Talktime balance and internet data balance in the following steps.

  • Open your mobile phone
  • Select the text message application
  • Type the message REWARD in the message bar and send it to the number 1233
  • now you get the whole balance information of your du sim.

It is an offline and straightforward method you can use without the internet. So you use this method anywhere and anytime, which is a cost-free method.

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Method 3:

To Inspect Du Postpaid Sim Balance Information Through My Du Application:

My du application is the official website designed by the du telecom company to allow its customers access to account information at their fingertips

It is the online method. So it is suitable for android mobile phones or apple iphone users. Subscribe to follow the below instruction to get your balance detail through my du app,

  1. Open your mobile phone
  2. Select the google chrome for android smartphone users, apple app store for apple iphone user
  3. Type the Application name in the search bar
  4. Download my du application. After downloading, could you install it?
  5. After installing log in your account with your du mobile number .
  6. After signing in, the dashboard will appear and show your whole balance information.

Method 4:

To Inspect Your Balance Detail Of Du Postpaid Sim Through Du Self Care Official Portal /Website

This method is suitable for android mobile and ios users. To do this, follow the below steps,

  • Open your android mobile or ios
  • Select the browser or google chrome.
  • Type the du self-care portal in the search bar
  • Visit the website and sign in your account using your du mobile number or your mail id and password
  • After signing in, the dashboard will appear, containing the principal Talktime balance and its expiry date, 

data usage remaining data balance and its validity, remaining minutes, text message validity, etc.

Final Words:                     

Now we are at the end of this proposal, and all the above methods are easy to do and the most convenient way for all du telecom customers. You watts to check your balance the choose the easiest above form. A layperson can also use this method, so there is no need for additional technical skills.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Pay My Du Postpaid Bill?

  • By using the Du application
  • By using My du self-care official website/portal
  • Quick pay-pay your bill securely without the need to log in
  • Quick recharge
  • other payment methods

What happens if the postpaid bill is not paid?

  • If you do not pay your du postpaid mobile bill, your du number is barred after some days. This Du telecom company reminds you repeatedly to pay your mobile bill through SMS or IVR and phone calls. You will also be fined for a late charge.

How can I cancel my postpaid connection?

  • First, you need to settle your bill amount, go to the service provider's office and submit an application to close your postpaid connection. If you do not pay your bill, the du company will call you and remain to pay the bill on your alternate number.

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