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Introduction About Vectone Mobile: Vectone mobile is MVNO, a mobile virtual network operator in European countries. Vector service was launched in September the uk, one million subscribers are signed in the first year. The current presence governments are the united kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Siberia, and Australia. In a united kingdom company, this vector mobile is powered by the EE network, which is operated by orange and t mobile. vectone mobile offers a low-cost business model.

You are the vectone bundle network user; this post helps check your balance detail. We spell out several different methods to get your balance information in this post here. The plans are given below,

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3 Methods To Check Vectone Mobile Balance: 

  • Using USSD code
  • By calling 
  • Through vectone official website

Method 1:
To Check Your Vectone Bundle Balance Detail  Using Ussd Code:

Ussd code stands for unstructured supplementary service data. This ussd code is also called a shortcode or star code. It is an offline method to use anywhere and anytime. And it is a cost-free do this, follow the below steps,

Open your mobile phone:

  • Select the talk mobile application
  • Type the USSD code *#1345# and press the call button
  • Now, you receive the pop-up notification about your vectone bundle balance details on your mobile phone.
  • Also, you can use *102# this ussd code for the balance inquiry process.
  • *1280# this USSD code is used to check your bundle allowance and renewal date.
  • *1150# this USSD code is used to cancel the auto-renewal feature.
  • Method 2:To Check Your Vectone Bundle Balance Detail Through Alling.

another offline method does not require an internet connection, but it requires a proper vectone tower range. This method is easy to handle, and it is user-friendly. Follow the below instruction to get your balance information

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Choose the dialer application.
  • Type the number 5888 and press the call button.
  • Then select your preferred language
  • Now, you get your primary balance information and data balance details.

Method 3:
To Check Your Vectone Sim Balance Detail Through My Vectone Official Website:

You can check your balance details through the official website. It is an online method suitable for android smartphone users and apple iphone users. It requires a proper internet connection on your mobile phone. the most convenient way for all vectone customers.

  • Open your android mobile or ios device.
  • Select the browser or google chrome.
  • Type the vectone official website link.
  • Visit the vectone website. First of all, you should sign in to your account with your vector mobile number
  • After logging into your account, the dashboard will display it containing your complete balance information .

This my vectone official website is also used to manage your vectone account. You can pay your due bill to transfer the money to another vectone account using this account. By using My vectone application is here to take your signal and calls to the next level. Even the free application can be used by anyone, not just vectone mobile customer. You can use this application anywhere; vectone will ensure you are always connected. All you need is 3G,4G or wifi.

How To Check Your Number On Vectone Sim Card:

You can use ussd code to find your mobile number; This is the simplest way to get your number. Just type the *105# into your keypad and press the dial option. The pop-up notification will immediately display your vectone mobile number.

Final Thoughts:

Now we have come to the end of this post; we quickly described different methods to check your vectone balance details. You are a vectone sim user, then choose your convenient way to get your balance information without difficulty. The above methods are straightforward, so the layman can also use this method easily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Network Is Vectone On?

  • Vectone mobile is a virtual mobile network that uses the everything everywhere network. That run by orange and t mobile network. You can use the two signal towers of these service providers, which means that it has excellent 2G and 3G coverage across almost all of the Uk.

How Do I Use My PAC Code On Vectone?

  • After receiving the PAC, send a text message to 07574212555 from your existing mobile number, using the existing sim from your current network.
  • This text should show <PAC> space<vectone number that you have been given in your welcome pack> we will then transfer your existing number.

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