FaceTime Without SIM Card "Is it possible to use iPhone"- 3 Methods

Can You FaceTime Without A Sim Card: In this article, you will know whether you can FaceTime without a Sim Card and if Yes! How it is possibly done.Continue reading this blog and follow the given steps below to Face Time without a Sim Card easily without any confusion.

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Is it safe to make video calls or FaceTime without a Sim Card:

If you are in an emergency or your phone isn’t responding correctly when the Sim card is activated, or in severe issues as such, you can try one among the above-given ways. Other than that, I would look upon the safe zone as well. Having a Sim Card on your phone is always more comfortable. You can instantly connect with people easily by any means. Still, if you want to figure out alternative ways and know how the phone would work without a Sim Card, you are welcome to this blog.

Method 1:
How To FaceTime Without A Sim Card (Iphone) : 

Step1: Ensure that you have a proper Wi-Fi connection.
Step2: Then, go to the Settings icon on your device.
Step3: Open the FaceTime app from the list of apps you see on the settings. 
Step4: Now, you need to check whether you have signed in using your Apple ID.
Step5: Next, tap on the icon that says, ‘Use Apple ID for Face Time’ and tap on it. You either click on the ‘Sign-in’ option or tap on the ‘Sign-up’ option to create an account for yourself.
Step6: Then, enter the necessary details.
Step7: You can also choose an Apple ID you wish to use and sign in accordingly.
Step8: Next, you will see that your phone number is removed from the associated FaceTime account.
Step9: Also, you will find the phone number with a checkbox beside it, ticked already.
Step10: Click on the Checkbox to check for the phone number.
Step11: Finally, tap on the E-mail address you wish to use for FaceTime. 

So, by following these steps, you can easily face Time to people without the need of an actual Sim Card inserted inside your device.

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Method 2: 
By making use of Google Meet (Method 2):

Step1: Ensure that you have a good Wi-Fi connection.
Step2: On your PC/Laptop, go to the Google Chrome web page.
Step3: Log in with your E-mail ID.
Step4: Tap on the square-shaped dotted menu, present on the top right side of the page.
Step5: Then, tap on the google meet option from the drop-down list box.
Step6: Here, you can invite people you want to talk to and face Time easily without the need for a Sim Card on your Smartphone.

If you don’t want or don’t wish to use your Smartphone to make video calls, you can easily use Google Meet on your PC/Laptop by following the given steps above.

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Method 3:
Using Whatsapp by a second phone: 

Step1: To begin, you need to have another phone that contains the Sim card.
Step2: Then install and download whatsapp on your No Sim Card phone, or if you already have it on your phone, you can just continue following the steps.
Step3: Next, enter the phone number that contains Sim on your No Sim Card phone.
Step4: Now, you will be receiving an OTP message to the phone containing the Sim Card since you logged in with the other number.
Step5: Note the OTP number and type it down on the given box to proceed further.
Step6: You can skip the backup process or even wait until the phone reboots your messages.
Step7: That’s it! You can now continue using the app and video call people without having a Sim Card on your phone.

Final thoughts:

So, I hope the above-posted article was pretty much helpful enough and provided you with the necessary information that you need to know.Right now, you now must have figured out whether you can FaceTime without a Sim Card. If yes, how it can be done.Share this blog with the people who also need to learn and discover more about the same.
Some FAQs regarding the same:

Can you FaceTime without a Sim Card?

  • Yes! It is possible to FaceTime without a Sim Card on your phone, and you can do that by following the possible ways given to you on this blog. You will figure out a solution to tackle your query.

How can you FaceTime without a Sim Card?

  • To know more and explore the same and other related information, read and follow the mentioned steps you gave on the above-posted article and proceed with it accordingly without any more confusion.

Is it safe to FaceTime without a Sim Card?

  • Yes! It is safe, but I would rather say having a Sim Card is always better because sometimes this may not be the case always. This is just for some instances or for an emergency, or you may want to try; you can use the given ways on the above-posted article.

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