Yes SIM Card Balance Check Number "09223920000" 5G

DHow To Check Yes Sim Card Balance Information : YES is the mobile network service operator located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was launched on 19 November 2010, and it was the first to establish a coverage commercially 4G network at a national scale based on IEEE broadband wireless Access standards. These mobile network operator products are 4G mobile broadband products and service 4G/5G  mobile network products and VoLTE service.

You are the Yes sim card customer. You came to the right place to get your balance checking methods. Here we described various ways to find your balance information without difficulty. The plans are given below,

2 Methods To Check Yes Sim Card Balance : 

  1. Through SMS
  2. Through My yes mobile application

Method 1:
To Check Your Yes Sim Card Balance Detail Through Sms:

One offline method, so there is no need for an internet connection to your mobile phone. But it required a proper yes network tower range. So this method is applicable for all types of mobile phones, even essential feature mobile phones, also can use this method. This SMS method is straightforward, and you get the information very quickly. And you can do this anywhere and any do this, follow the below instructions,

Step-1:Open your mobile phone.
Step-2:Choose the text message application.
Step-3:Click on + icon (or any icon which is used to compose the text message) to compose a short message service.
Step-4:Type the message BAL in the message bar.
Step-5:And send this message to the number 09223920000 from your yes mobile number.
Step-6:Now you received the text message it containing your main balance detail and rebate balance information with its validity.
Step-7:One important note is that this SMS does not show your data balance and expired date. To get this data balance, you just try my yes application.

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Method 2:
To Examine The Balance Detail Of Yes Sim Card Via My Yes Official Application:

This method is an online method, so it is only for android competent mobile phone users and apple iphone device users. This method is quite handy and user friendly. Using the My yes application, you can get your various balance details of the yes sim number. These methods are only for yes network users. This application is loaded with other functions like online reload service, plan, packages etc. You can get this application from google play store and apple app store. To do this, follow the below instructions,

Step-1:Open your android mobile phone or apple iphone device.
Step-2:Select the google chrome for android competent handset users and apple app store for apple iphone device user.
Step-4:Type the application name in the search bar
Step-5:Download my yes application
Step-6:After downloading install this application
Step-7:After installation is completed, must log in to your account with your yes sim mobile number or yes id whichever you prefer; if you don't have yes id, then create it
Step-8:At the bottom of your mobile number bar, you can see two buttons, one is the password, and another one is Use TAC.
Step-9:Click the use TAC button, you will receive an OTP code via SMS.
Step-10:Fill that OTP code correctly and submit it
Step-11:After that will see the many messages showing you the feature of this application. just keep hitting the next button until you see the get start option.
Step-12:Now tap the get start option you will receive the dashboard having information about your yes mobile number principal balance and its expired date, data balance and its expired date, rebate balance etc.
Step-13:If you click on the MY add ON option, it will show your complete data balance information, data usage, and validity.
Step-14:The one more button, BUY ADD ONs, is used to get your yes sim card plans or packages suitable to your needs. These packages are both long term and short term and limited and unlimited.
Step-15:Once you choose a package to buy it, ask the PAY Now option, click that option and pay; purchase the boxes. Here are many opportunities to buy the packages like a credit card, debit card, online net banking etc.

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How To Know My Yes Sim Card Number:

Some people forget their mobile number; You are the YES network user no need to worry about I; you can get your mobile number through my yes application to activate your sim card. Hit the switch to yes during the activation process and keep your number. You should then get a confirmation request SMS to your existing mobile number from your current service provider.

Final Thoughts:

Now we entered into the end of this proposal; Here, we spell out two different ways to check your balance detail in your yes sim card. The first one is through SMS and the second one is my yes application. Both methods are easy to use and user friendly. Yes operates only in 4G LTE network, it does not support 2G and 3G connection so that this yes mobile network is a most preferable and popular way to check your balance information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can yes, 4G make calls?

  • You can receive calls and short message services and make emergency calls. But will not be able to make any calls and send messages and can't surf the internet.

How good is YES 4G?

  • This Yes 4G network has poor signal and almost Zero coverage inside shopping malls and buildings.

How do I activate my yes rm1 sim card?

  • To activate your sim card, first, you download the my yes application, then Press the new user, Click the start sim button and follow the activation steps.

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