How To Download My Telus Mobile Application

Introduction About My Telus App: Telus Telecommunication service is the Canadian wireless network operator and division of Telus communication. It does wireless service in Canada, and Telus Mobility is Canada's second most extensive wireless network carrier. It has 10.6 million customers.

This Telus app is the official Telus telecommunication service provider application. This application is not only used for the balance inquiry process. by using this application, but you can also pay your due bill quickly and smartly. You can enable your data notification and manage your data usage anywhere and anytime. But this application is only suitable for android smartphone users and apple iphone device users. Also, you need an internet connection and proper Telus network range to download and install this Telus mobile application.

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Methods To Download The My Telus Application In Your Mobile Phone Device:

There are several ways to download his My Telus application on your mobile phone. This post explained three different methods to download and install this My plus application for Telus network users on their mobile phones. This method is given below,

  1. Via text message
  2. Through app store or google play store
  3. Through My Telus website

Method 1:
To Download And Install The My Telus Mobile Application In Your Android Handset Device Or Apple Iphone Device :

This is the easiest and simplest method compared to the other two forms; follow the instructions below to download the My Telus app on your mobile device,

Step-1:Open your android or apple iphone device.
Step-2:Select the text message application.
Step-3:Then type the message APP send it into the number 54555. 
Step-4:Now, you receive the text message with the My Telus app download link.
Step-5:immediately, you can tap the link and download this my Telus application.
Step-6:After downloading this application, open this app.
Step-7:Log in your app account with your Telus network mobile number or your email id and its password.
Step-8:Who will update the verification code in your email instantly.
Step-9:Enter this verification code into that registration form, now your profile of this My Telus app is opened.

Through this My Telus application, you can inspect your whole balance information. It includes principal balance and expired data, data usage, remaining data balance and expired date, remaining voice minutes, and text message remaining balance and its validity. Also, this application is used to transfer the amount to other Telus network accounts.

Method 2:
To Download And Install The My Telus Application Via Apple App Store Or Google Play Store:

You can download your Telus network official application My Telus app directly from your google play store for android smartphone device users and the apple app store for apple iphone device users. My Telus application can use anywhere and anytime from 10 to 100 MB of data when not on WiFi.You can get the download size displayed in-app store under information on your screen. Here we explain the My Telus app downloading process step by step,

Step-1: Open your mobile phone.
Step-2: From the application screen tab, the google play store for android mobile phone users or.
Step-3: Select apple app store for apple iphone user.
Step-4: If you are the first time google play store or apple play store user, you will need to create or login your google account or apple account.
Step-5: Then tab the search bar icon.
Step-6: Type the MY Telus app in the search box and press the enter key to go.
Step-7: Now select the My Telus app from the listed result.
Step-8: Then download this application.
Step-9: After downloading the application, open it and read the instructions for the installation process.
Step-10: After installing this app, you can complete the self-serve portal registration on the app.

With this, My Telus application to view and pay your bill easily, quickly, and securely. Enable the data limitation notification to manage your service anywhere and anytime.

Method 3:
To Download And Install This My Telus Application Through My Telus Official Website:

My Telus website or portal is an official Telus network website. mainly this website is used to view your complete balance information and its expired date. This website is also used to download the My Telus official mobile application. To download this application to do the following steps,

Step-1: Open your android mobile phone or apple iphone device.
Step-2: Select the browser icon or google chrome icon.
Step-3: Type the My Telus website link in the search bar and press the enter button.
Step-4: Now the website will be opened, logging in your account first with your Telus network mobile Step-5: number or email id and its password.
Step-6: After signing in to your account, download this My Telus application from here.

Final Words:

It is the end of his proposal, and the methods mentioned above are easy to do. And you are the Telus network customer. Surely this My Telus application is used in many ways. So you can download this My Telus application and enjoy its features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Telus app work?

  • Using this My Telus application, You can view and pay your due bill easily and quickly without any difficulty. It enables limited notification and manages your service anywhere and anytime.

How do I view My Telus bill online?

  • Download the My Telus app
  • Login with your user name and password, If you don't have an account, you should register now.
  • Choose to bill to view your balance bill.

How do I watch Telus tv on my iPad?

  • If you have not done set your Telus My account or Optik Tv account
  • Search this account in your iPad or iphone
  • Choose install and enter your apple id password if you want
  • Choose accept and download to watch tv on your iPad or iphone.

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