How To Check Balance In Lucky Sim Card (3 Methods)

How To Check The Balance Of Lucky Sim Card: Lucky mobile is a Canadian prepaid mobile virtual network operator in Canada. It is a subsidiary of Bell Canada.And this lucky mobile was founded on 4th December 2017. The network is available for the customer at launch in 17 metro areas in Canada. His random mobile operator offering prepaid calling, texting, and 3G ike throttled speed data running on bell mobility's 4G network with prepaid plans in the select Canadian market.

Lucky mobile carries five smartphones and one flip phone. Various telecommunication companies are allowing their customers to check their balances; now, this lack of a mobile network operator also enables this service for the lucky sim card user. You are the lucky network user you came into the right place. Here we explained various methods to check your balance information. The forms are given below,

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3 Methods To Check Balance In Lucky Sim Card : 

  1. Using USSD code.
  2. Through call.
  3. Access the lucky mobile My account app or log in to my account.

Method 1:
To Inspect Your Lucky Sim Card Balance Detail Using Ussd Code:

The abbreviation of the USSD code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. ussd code is also called shortcode r star code. ALSO is one of the offline methods, so there is no need for an internet connection on your mobile phone. Average basic feature mobile also uses this method. This ussd method is user-friendly. You can do this process anywhere and anytime, without balance. Because this method is cost-free.Soo do this process follow the below steps,

Step-1: Open your mobile phone.
Step-2: choose the dialer application.
Step-3: Type the ussd code *122# and press the call button; now the pop-up notification is coming into Step-4: your mobile phone, it displays your principal balance and its expired date.
Step-5: You wants to check your lucky sim mobile number then use this USSD code that is *751#
Step-6: You wants to check your data balance and its validity use this USSD code that is *777*1*1#

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Method 2:
To Inspect Your Balance Detail Of Lucky Sim Card Through Calling Option:

This is one more offline method, and you can use this method very quickly; it is also not required principal balance. Just open your mobile phone, Click the dialer option, type the number that is *58259 and press the dial option; now, you should select your language and follow the IVR instruction. Finally, you get your balance information such as Talktime balance and its validity and data usage and its validity.

Method 3:
To Check Your Balance Detail Of Lucky Sim To Access The Lucky Mobile My Account Application Or My Account.

It is the online method, so you need an internet connection in your android mobile phone or apple iphone. This award-winning lucky mobile my account application is an easy and convenient way to manage your account. A web marketing association has named this application the best telecommunication mobile app worldwide. And one more best thing is this application is free, and using it does not require data. To do this, follow the below steps,

Step-1: Open your android mobile phone or apple iphone.
Step-2: Select the google chrome for android mobile phone users and apple app store for apple iphone user
Step-3: Download this Lucky mobile My account app.
Step-4: After downloading install this app properly.
Step-5: Now you should log in to your account with your lucky mobile number.

After signing in to your account, you get the dashboard containing your complete balance information of the lucky sim number, such as Talktime balance and its expired date, data balance data usage and its expired date, Remaining minutes, etc.

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Aspects Of Lucky Mobile My Account Application:

  • Register for automatic top-up and get a fantastic bounce.
  • top up your account with a credit card, a visa debit card, or a top-up card.
  • monitor your usage.
  • Save your credit card information.
  • Change your plan.
  • Manage your add on.
  • check your balance fastly.
  • Access helpful information about our service.
  • Chat with us.

Final Words:

Now we come to the end of this post. The above all methods are easy to use and fastest ways. You are the Lucky network user. You can choose the above convenient methods to check your balance information along with its expiry date. The layman can also use this technique because it's straightforward, and there is no need for additional skills and technical knowledge to do this process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I recharge my lucky sim?

  • Try the lucky mobile my account application or dial *111 from your random mobile phone to use the voucher card.

Does lucky mobile have roaming?

  • Roaming with a lucky mobile sim can occur in Canada. Your device will not walk internationally with a random mobile sim.

Is 5G a lucky mobile?

  • The lucky mobile will be using Bell's 4G network, which means you can expect excellent reception. However, who will throttle speed to work more like 3G.

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