How To Set Jio Free Caller Tune Number

Jio Free Caller Tune Number: A caller tune is a tone or music played when someone calls you. Whenever someone calls you to your phone, has a particular caller tune to make your phone calls stand apart, and other people enjoy your music sense. If you have not set any music on your mobile phone until now, don't worry. If you are a music-tune lover, then this proposal helps you.

Suppose you want a beautiful caller tune on your jio number. In that case, we explain the whole procedure about how to set free caller tune in your reliance jio number. This jio free tone brings you to an exciting mood in your song choice. Here we explain the step-by-step process of different free caller tune setup methods. This jio free caller tune setup process is straightforward. You just read this Post and set up your free jio caller tune.

let's watch the four different ways to activate this jio free caller tune,

  • Through My io application
  • Through the Jio saavn app
  • By sending SMS
  • Through * button to copy The caller tune from others jio number user.

What Are Jio Tunes:

You can place your favourite song as a jio tune Now your caller will attend to it alternatively of the tring tring sound. There are several ways different ways that you can set your jio caller tune with the best songs. In this proposal, we shared some best ways to do it.

Method 1: How To Set Jio Free Caller Tune Through My Jio Application:

This is an online method. This method is a simple and efficient way to set your caller tune for free. You can select all the songs available on the jio tunes. The activation process is explained below,

  • Open your smartphone.
  • Go to google play store or apple app store.
  • Type the application name in the search bar.
  • Download the My jio application.
  • Now open this application and select the jio tune option.
  • Listen in the preview mode, then choose your favourite song from the jio tune list. 
  • Then set this song as your caller tune.
  • After that, You will receive a confirmation message.
  • Now your free jio caller tune is activated successfully.
  • Enjoy your free caller tune for 30 days.

Method 2:How To Set Free Jio Caller Tune Through The Jio Saavn App:

  • Open your smartphone.
  • Go to google play store or apple app store.
  • Download the Jio application on your intelligent handset device.
  • After downloading, open this saavn app, then log in to your account using your user name and password.
  • Now the list of the song will appear on your mobile phone's screen.
  • Choose your favourite music which you wants to apply as your jio tune.
  • Then select the three dots .
  • A new ladder will open here. Click on set as jio tune.
  • Now the pop-up message will appear, then tap on the play icon to preview your activated caller tune song.
  • Finally, put this song as your jio caller tune hit the set jio tune option.
  • Now caller tune started confirmation message will be sent to your jio number.

Method 3:How To Set Free Jio Caller Tune By Sending Sms:

This is a simple method; also, it is the offline method, so there is no need for an internet connection on your mobile phone. You send a text message with the first three words of the film or song, or album of your choice to the predefined number. To do this, follow the below steps,

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • launch the text message application on your mobile.
  • Go to the text message app.
  • Type the message MOVIE in the text message body field and send this message to the predefined toll-free number 56789 or type ALBUM send it to 56789 or type SINGER send it to 56789
  • Also, you can set your jio free caller tune by sending a Message as JT send it to 56789
  • After sending this type of text message, the reliance jio revert you with a message to seek confirmation from you.
  • After receiving  a confirmation message from jio, you send a reply with Y (Y means YES)
  • Then jio will send a confirmation message to you.

Method 4:How To Set Free Jio Caller Tune Through * Button To Copy Caller Tune From Other Jio User:

If you like some other jio user's caller tune, you want to set that caller tune as yours. This reliance jio offers this service. You can copy other jio users' caller tunes and set that song as your caller tune. Just follow the below steps,

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Go to dialer application.
  • Press star from your dialer keypad to copy jio caller tune.
  • Give your permission to activate this service.
  • You will receive a caller tune activation message very soon, so you enjoy this free caller tune service.

How To Deactivate Free Jio Caller Tune Step By Step:

You want to deactivate your free caller tune, here we explain three methods, follow the below procedures to deactivate your caller tune,

  • Through SMS
  • Through My jio application
  • By calling IVR

How To Deactivate Your Free Jio Caller Tune By Sending Sms:

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Launch the text message application.
  • Then open this app and type the message STOP and send this message to the number 56789.
  • Follow the process to deactivate your jio caller tune subscription.
  • After you receive the deactivation confirmation message on your mobile, your jio tune is disabled.
  • Else you can send a STOP message to the number 155223.
  • Then select the option o to deactivate the jio tune
  • After receiving the confirmation message, your caller tune is deactivated.
  • To Deactivate Your Free Jio Caller Tune

How To Deactivate Caller Tune Using Jio Application: 

  • In the menu, click on the Jio tune option
  • Now, click the deactivate jio tune placed at the bottom of the screen on the subscription page.
  • Then hit the yes option for confirmation.
  • The confirmation pop-up message will be received on your mobile after you submit your request.
  • Successfully your reliance on the jio caller tune is deactivated.

How To Deactivate Your Free Jio Caller Tune By Calling Ivr:

  • Open your mobile phone
  • Select the dialer application
  • Type the IVR number  15223, then follow the instruction given by IVR
  • Choose the deactivate option
  • After getting the confirmation message on your mobile phone, your io tune will be deactivated.

Final Words

Now we entered into the end of this proposal; Here, we explained the Activation and deactivation process of free jio caller tune on your mobile phone. I hope this Post is indeed helping all Reliance jio customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WYNK hello tune free?

  • Yes, this WYNK application is a free app. Once you set the hello tune on WYNK, it will be activated for the next 30 days, and you can change your favourite song as many times as you want at no charge.

How many times can I change the jio tune?

  • You can change your caller tune any number of times using the My jio mobile application. Should jio tunes be made available on a chargeable basis in the future, you will receive communication accordingly.

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