How To Configure Oppo A5s APN Settings

Oppo A5s  APN settings: People have different reasons to buy different smartphones. Some buy them due to appearance. Some will buy them due to their appearance. Some will buy them because of the best software. Many years back, people used to take pictures by visiting photo studios. Still, now people have smartphones, which have picture quality as a camera. If someone is looking for the best phone mainly for a better picture experience, then you can always buy Oppo. Oppo is known as the selfie expert. However, the fact is that a phone needs more things than a better camera. It needs a clean internet facility.

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About Oppo :

It is awesome that now the day’s Internet is available everywhere. Wi-Fi is available in all public places in many areas, and it is not difficult to afford the Internet nowadays. The Internet became a part of our life many years ago. The number of customers using the source is increasing day by day.

What happens if you face an error with the Internet while using your Oppo phone? None of the processes can be done. These problems are mainly caused by not setting up the APN. So let us see how we can set up APN easily. You should follow the steps given below.

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How To Configure Oppo A5s APN Settings :

In the beginning, you should ensure that you have inserted the SIM card correctly. This process is done to ensure that the SIM card is placed properly. If the SIM card is not placed properly, you will get an error while using the Internet.

  1. After that, you should turn on the mobile data and click on the settings option. 
  2. There you will see many settings options related to the Oppo smartphone.
  3. In that, you should click on the mobile network option.
  4. It contains all the settings, which are related to Oppo mobile, and its network.
  5. Now in that, you should select the access point name option. 
  6. Now you will see three lines in the top corner. It is known as the menu bar. 
  7. You should click on this option.
  8. There you will find a couple of options
  9. From that, you should click on the reset to default option.
  10. Now the phone is ready to receive the new APN settings
  11. Now click on the new APN option.
  12. There you will find options such as username, password, proxy, APN code, MMC code, and many more. 
  13. Get the information that you want and be ready.
  14. Enter the details correctly and click ok.

Now you should click on the save option. Now the new APN is saved. You can easily use this method to create APNs on Oppo phones anytime.

Where is Oppo network mode:

The main purpose of network mode is to select the mode of the network that you need. Here you can easily change the speed of the Internet that you need. First, you should click on the settings option. Now you should click on the dual SIM and cellular option. There you will find the preferred network type option. There you can easily make changes.


This is how the APN is installed in an Oppo phone. This can be fixed with just a few steps. People unaware of this easy way will visit the service centers. It is not necessary. It is a waste of money. If the Internet is unavailable, it will be difficult to handle. Just follow the above steps correctly. If you face any error, then it is fine. Try the steps one more time and make sure that your mobile data is on. Hope that the above content helped you as you expected it to.


Why do people buy Oppo phones?

  • Oppo is a wonderful smartphone. The software used is pretty good, but the main factor someone buys Oppo is to make their pictures wonderful. Many people prefer to take pictures with a camera and rather prefer Oppo phones.

What happens when APN is not working?

  • The APN will always work. It may cause due to the error in the APN used earlier, or it may be due to you entering the wrong APN. Make sure that all the details entered are correct.

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