Vi (Vodafone Idea) Emergency Loan Number/USSD Code *199*3*5#

Vi Talktime Loan Number : If you are a mobile phone user, now imagine you have only a low balance, but urgently you need to call your family members or friends. So you can make a WhatsApp call that needs no Talktime balance, but it consumes internet data, but many peoples may not be using this application, you may run out of net balance as well. In this critical situation, all telecommunication service providers offering Talktime credit will come to overcome this issue.

You are the Vodafone idea network user; Vi launched emergency talk time credit for all Vi users in India. This is an excellent offer that will help you a lot. You can get this emergency Talktime loan in Vodafone idea through two ways,

  1. Through USSD code.
  2. Send SMS to a predefined number.

The Vi sim user can quickly get your Talktime and data Vi loan by using the above methods. Vi introduced an exclusive advanced Talktime loan credit service is called Vi Chhota credit. So you are in an emergency and have only a low or zero balance, you can credit your vi account by using Vi Talktime loan within a few seconds.

What Is Vodafone Idea Talktime Loan Number Service:

Vi networks started the Vodafone Idea loan code service. By using this loan service, you can get some talking and internet to use. Commonly, most users are unable to communicate when they have low or zero balance. When it comes to vi loans, they can get a small amount so that they can make a call to their friends or family members.

  1. Vi Emergency Talktime Credit Terms And Conditions.
  2. Vi emergency Talktime loan service only works when your vi sim card Talktime balance is below rs. Five or zero balance.
  3. Your Vodafone idea mobile number should be more than 90 days old to apply for this Talktime loan service.
  4. You must be a Vodafone idea prepaid sim customer.
  5. Vi user should not get any previous loan due.

How To Get Vi Talktime Loan Through Ussd Code:

Customers of Vodafone can get this Talktime loan through USSD code (unstructured supplementary service data). This USSD code is a simple method to get your Talktime. You can Try this method anywhere and anytime. This ussd code starts with a star * and ends with a hash # symbol. The Vi customer dials the below ussd code and quickly gets your vi Talktime balance.

Vi loan code for 10 rupees:*199*3*5#
Vi loan code for 5 rupees:*199*3*5#
If the above Talktime loan code does not work, then you can try these two USSD codes
Vi Talktime loan USSD code:*111*1*6#   | *150#

How To Get Vi Talktime Loan Step By Step Explanation:

  1. Open your mobile phone.
  2. Install the dialer application on your mobile phone.
  3. Type the above USSD code and press the call button.
  4. Now the popup message will be displayed I your mobile phone's screen.
  5. Reply with the suitable number.
  6. Click the confirm Talktime loan amount.
  7. Instantly you receive an SMS regarding the Vi 10rs or 5rs Talktime loan.
  8. Yes, successfully, your Vi Talktime balance is credited.

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How To Get Vi Talktime Loan Via Sending Sms:

you can also get your Vi emergency Talktime loan in your Vodafone idea number by sending SMS to a predefined number. Just send SMS credit to the 144 number, and you will get your Talktime.

  • Open Your Mobile Phone.
  • Select the message application.
  • Type the message CREDIT in the message body field.
  • Send the typed message to SMS vi Talktime loan number 144.
  • Wait a few minutes for a confirmation message to arrive.
  • Now the loan amount will credit to your Vi mobile number.
  • Vodafone Idea Ussd Code For Data Loan.

This Vodafone idea network has not provided any information regarding internet data loans. You can only get a Talktime loan, and we would give information here if the internet data service loan started soon.

Final Thoughts:

Now we stand at the end of this proposal. In his post, we explained Vodafone's idea of Talktime loan number and loan code for vi users. This vi will include a service charge of rupees 2 to the loan amount for this service. Here, we also shared the minimum requirements needed to take a Talktime loan. I hope this post surely helps all vi users. You are the Vodafone idea customer, then read this post and enjoy your emergency data loan that got just to your vi sim number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the code of a Vodafone loan?

  • It would help if you had a Vodafone Talktime loan; use this USSD code *199*3*5#. You have to go through the below steps,
  • open your mobile phone
  • Select the dialer application
  • Type the Above USSD code and press the call button
  • Immediately you get the emergency Vodafone Talktime loan.

How can I borrow from Vodafone?

  • You must be a Vodafone user for more than 90 days before you can access this Talktime loan service. It is a straightforward process. Just dial *505# to borrow credit.

What is Vodafone Chhota credit?

  • The new service gives a chance for Vodafone prepaid users to get instant recharge. With this particular service, the customer can send SMS CC to 144 (predefined number) to know the eligibility for Chota credit. Then this amount is deducted from the Vodafone customer's principal balance within 24 or 48 hours.All suggestionsLooking good

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