How To Check Balance In EE SIM Card (3 Methods) "2023"

Balance Detail In Ee Sim Card : EE stands for Everything Everywhere. EE Telecommunication service provider is a British company. BT Group subsidiary that got I in January 2016. The head office of this EE telecommunication service provider is in Hatfield, England, United Kingdom. The company in 2010 as a joint venture between Deutsche telecom of Germany and french carrier France telecom. Now it is the united kingdom's biggest telecommunication network provider. It has more than 25.8 million users as of 2021.

This EE telecom company is popular for 4G network service as it reaches 99% of the country's population. You are the EE network user. You like this post because here, e explained the balance checking process of the EE sim network easily and quickly. In this article, we give the number of ways to check your balance detail; there given,

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3 Methods To Check Balance In EE Sim Card : 

  1. Via Text Message
  2. Using EE Mobile Application
  3. Through EE OFficial Website

Method 1:
How To Check The Balance Detail Of Ee Sim Card Via Text Message:

The SMS method is the most convenient method for all EE sim network users to get their balance details. It is an offline method, so it doesn't need an internet connection in your mobile phone to use this method in normal feature mobile phones. To follow the below steps to do this process,

  1. Open your mobile phone.
  2. Choose the text message application.
  3. Type the message BALANCE and send it to the number 150.
  4. After a few seconds, you will get the text message about your EE sim cards balance details which contain voice minutes,main balance, data balance, and message usage along with its expiration date.

This method is free of cost so that you can use his method anywhere and anytime. You can check your balance by using this method multiple times without any difficulty.

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Method 2:
Inspect Your Balance Detail Of Ee Sim Network Using My Ee Mobile Application:

This My EE mobile application is an official application, and it is an online method. So it would help if you made this process internet connection is a must. And this method is only suitable for android smartphone users and apple iphone users. So follow the below-given steps,

  1. Open your android or apple iphone device.
  2. Select the Google play store for android mobile phone users and apple app store for apple iphone device users to download the My EE mobile application
  3. After downloading install this application(you can get this app by text message via, to type the APP and send to the number 150 from your EE network mobile phone)
  4. After installing this My EE application, Open this app and register with your name, email id, and password.
  5. who will send an activation link to your given mail id.
  6. You are the first time my EE app user you must log in to your account yourself.
  7. After you click the confirmation link, your account will be ready to access.
  8. Now you log in to your account, you will see the dashboard on your mobile phone screen containing EE sim card balance-related details, like main balance, data balance, text message usage, and voice minutes along with its expired date.

Method 3:
Examine Your Balance Detail Of Ee Sim Card Using My Ee Website /Portal:

Using this my EE official website is another online method to check your balance detail. So the internet connection is a must to do this process. This method is perfect for those who don't need to download any unwanted application to their mobile phone. Before you use this method, you need to register first. You can get this my EE mobile application from this website. To follow the below steps to get your whole  balance information,

  1. Open your mobile phone(android smart device or apple iphone device)
  2. Choose browser or google chrome.
  3. Type the My EE website likin search bar.
  4. Select EE & Me.
  5. Now click view My account.
  6. Next login dashboard will appear you need to sign in with your detail such as your mobile number or email id and its password.
  7. Once you log into your account, use the left-hand menu to move to various areas in my account
  8. At the top of the dashboard, you can get the current main balance, current packages, and their expiration or validity dates.
  9. It also contains the voice minutes and text message balance along with its validity dates

Final Words:

All three methods save your time and instantly give the balance detail of your EE sim card. Using this My EE mobile application, you have to pay your due by using this application. This mobile application and official website methods are convenient for all EE network users. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use the My EE app to check my balance?

  • Yes, you can use this My EE application to know your full balance information.
  • Download the MY EE mobile application from your device's app store. Otherwise, send a text message App to number 10 and download this app.

What is the EE number to check the balance on PAYG mobile?

  • To contact EE customer care service, dial 150 from your EE network mobile phone or call the number 0795396620.

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