How To Activate And Deactivate Vi Caller Tune

Vi Caller Tune Number: A caller tune is a tone or music played when someone calls you. So whenever someone calls you, your phone has a particular caller tune to make your phone calls stand apart, and other people enjoy your sense of music. If you have not set any caller tune in your mobile phone until now, don't worry. If you are a fan of lovely caller tunes, this post helps you.

If you want an excellent caller tune on your Vodafone idea number, we give the complete procedure for setting caller tune in VI. Here we get a step-by-step process to set caller tune by using Vi caller tune number, and we will also show how to deactivate caller tune in your Vodafone idea number. There are two possible ways to set your Vi caller tune,

  1. Through Vi mobile application.
  2. Through Vi official website/portal.

Requirements To Set Vi Caller Tune On Your Vodafone Idea Mobile Number:

  • Before you set your caller tune, you have to fulfill the basic requirements.
  • first of all, you need a Vodafone idea sim card.
  • You must have an android smart device or Apple iPhone device to download the Vi application.
  • Activate internet services on your mobile device.
  • Vi website access or Vi caller tune application.

What Is The Vi Caller Tune Number:

155223 is the Vi caller tune number, and it is the free caller tune number. You can activate your Vi caller tune through SMS.

  • Open your smartphone.
  • Download the message application.
  • Type the message START and send it to the number 155223.
  • Now you successfully activate your vi hello tune.

How To Activate Vi Caller Tune Through Vi Application:

  • Open your smart mobile phone.
  • Select the google play store and type the app name in the search bar.
  • Install the VI caller tune application.
  • Log in to the application through your Vodafone idea sim number.
  • Go to home page
  • Now you get a list of free Vi caller tunes trending list.
  • You can also go up and down to see many free hello tunes
  • Select your favorite caller tune and click on the set option
  • Under the set caller tune page, enable the all callers option
  • Again press the set button 
  • At last, confirm the change to take place
  • Yes, completed, now the chosen new caller tune will be activated on your Vodafone idea mobile number.

You will find all the Vodafone idea-free caller tunes only in the home section on the profile tune. Don't go to the store section because that's paid service.

How To Activate Free Vi Caller Tune Through Vi Official Website Or Portal:

  1. Open your smartphone.
  2. Select the browser or google chrome option.
  3. Type the Vi official website in the search bar.
  4. Then type your Vodafone idea number.
  5. Now complete the OTP verification to log in to your account.
  6. Go to home page.
  7. Here you will get all the free caller tunes for you.
  8. You choose your favorite caller tune you want to activate.
  9. Then press the set option
  10. Again press the set option to enable the caller to tune on your Vi sim number.
  11. That's it; now your favorite caller tune is activated successfully.

Incoming Releted Search:

How To Set Name Tune On Your Vodafone Idea Number:

The Vodafone idea caller tune application provides a special and unique service that permits you to set your name tune in your Vi sim number. You can easily and quickly put your name caller tune in, which you can greet the callers calling you with the customized name caller tune. Follow the simple instruction to put your name caller tune.

  • Open your smartphone.
  • Select the google play store and type the application name ( Vi caller tune mobile application) in the search bar
  • Install this Vi caller tune application.
  • You must log in to your account by your Vi mobile number.
  • Now you go to the home page
  • Swipe up to open the name tune page
  • Type your name at the top and search
  • You will get a list of Vi name-caller tunes showing your name on it. Select the excellent name tune by playing it once
  • If you did not find your name in the caller tune list, then tab o the create a new name option at the bottom and enter your name.
  • Click the set option.
  • Again press the set option to enable name caller tune on your Vi mobile number.
  • Finished, now you enjoy with your name caller tune.

This name Vi caller tune is paid service. So you need to spend money to set it up. You can also set your name caller tune via Vi official website or portal.

How To Deactivate Your Vi Caller Tune Service:

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Install the messaging application.
  • Type the message STOP in the SMS content field
  • Send this message to the number 155223 (this is a free Vi caller tune number)
  • Wait a few seconds for the replay SMS to arrive.
  • Now You receive the caller tune deactivate message 
  • Once you get this deactivated message, your Vi caller tune is deactivated successfully

Final Words:

No, we stand at the end of this proposal; here, we show how to set free vi caller tune in your Vi sim using Vi mobile application and vi official portals. Also, we were taught about the deactivation of the vi caller tune service through SMS. I hope this post surely helps all Vi network users. You are the Vodafone idea network user, then read this post end enjoy your favorite music caller tune.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I copy a caller tune in Vi?

  • You want to copy your caller tune, just press the star * button next time; when you call the person whose caller tune you like to copy.

How can I download the caller tune?

  • Download and install the new application that is Zedge from the google play store
  • After completing the installation process, click on the hamburger sign and choose the ringtones option.
  • Now select your favorite ringtone.
  • Select ringtones from the search result

Does Vi give free caller tune?

  • Yes, Vi offers profile tunes for free to tell your caller that you are busy in a meeting, traveling, or on vacation. Choose from the catalog and select the price option that suits you. Most of the caller's tune charges only start from rs.49 per month.

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